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Alice Hoffman: Queen of Bogue Banks

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"Alice Hoffman: Queen of Bogue Banks" is the unbelievable historical account of a too-large-for-life woman who decides to forge her own way in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Hoffman’s adventure centers around a clash of cultures, a legal battle in a small Southern courthouse, and a decades’ long contention between two completely different societies: Hoffman’s high society of New York and the fishing communities of Bogue Banks, North Carolina.
- How did a New York City socialite drastically change a small NC fishing village?
- Why did a small Eastern North Carolina county sue President Theodore Roosevelt’s grandchildren?
- How long does it take to lose freedom and a way of life? And what happens when it is lost?
Kathleen Guthrie has uncovered a can’t-miss story for the ages and collected it in a well-researched account of a true American original.