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Another Year Blooms, by Coyote

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This jazzy new CD entitled "Another Year Blooms" is the latest from Ocracoke's own COYOTE, hometown songwriters Marcy Brenner and Lou Castro.

This married couple have an engaging and spontaneous presence, bringing listeners and audiences into their living room with enchanting, intimate songs and a pleasing variety of acoustic instruments, all tinged with folk, rock, blues and jazz flavors.

"Another Year Blooms is delightfully unpredictable, and worthy of repeated listening." Kati Wharton, Ocracoke Observer, June 2007.

COYOTE has also released "Home To Me," the first publication of their songs and "Live from the Outer Banks," a collection from their first year onstage to glowing reviews for both their performances and their songs, which all have reached the top 10 in peer reviews.