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Bertie County Smoky Sans Souci Peanuts

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Bertie County is home to three different river systems: the Roanoke, Chowan, and Cashie Rivers. The Roanoke and Chowan serve as the western, southern and eastern boundaries of the county, while the Cashie River bisects the county from northwest to southeast. In fact the Cashie River runs for over 55 miles at depths up to 80 feet, all in Bertie County! Early settlers dealt with all this water by building canals, bridges, and ferries. Today only one ferry remains in the county, and it is one of the few one car, cable driven ferries still found in North Carolina. This beautiful location on the Cashie is known as Sans Souci, or "without worry". And, folks take that name seriously as they use the Sans Souci area for water skiing , swimming, fishing, grilling, and dancing. In fact, from early spring to late summer the waters of the Cashie at Sans Souci are often covered by a thin layer of smoke from the campfires and grills. So sit back and enjoy these smoky hot peanuts, and think of lazy days on a slow moving river right here in Bertie County!