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Flower Frog for Canning Jar

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This flower frog design will fit both standard and wide mouth canning jars. It has a slight taper and stays in place once the flower stems or greenery are placed in the holes. As long as the top of the frog covers the opening, you can use this frog on a variety of vases. Lovely for fresh flowers or rooting cuttings such as ivy, etc. The perfect gift for any gardener, flower, or plant lover. Because they are handmade you will see variations from piece to piece. That is one of the beautiful aspects of handmade artwork! Display Tip: Use real or artificial flowers. Put water in the jar if you're using real flowers and place the frog on a jar. Position a trailing type plant such as ivy or creeping wire vine on the outer edges and then fill in with flowers. Flower Frog Size Approximately: 5" diameter x 1-1/2" tall Boxed: 5" x 5" x 2" Case: 4 flower frogs Food safe glazes Made in Star, North Carolina, USA