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Dark Frame, "Washed Ashore" by Alan Cheek

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Framed "Washed Ashore" by Alan Cheek, #501 / 1,000 print Certificate of Authenticity and Care of your Reproduction.

With an ebbing storm tide, this soundside beach has been washed and cleaned and repatterned by the Today water's work...leaving behind a much weathered skiff and the broken gourd homes of migrated purple martins; a newly sculped beach and dunes imaginable only by its Creator; freshly shaped sand bars, pools and channels remain for the slackening tide's return to the sea.  The sand bars and ridges blend into shallow waters as the gliding edges of waves barely kiss the shore. One can almost hear the freshening breeze rustle the marsh grasses and the second story curtains of the cedar covered home, as some clouds sail silently overhead and others stand in great dimension upon the horizon. Such is the picturesque, dynamic beauty of the Carolina soundside environment, so constantly recomposed by wind, water and weather; so explored, studied, and appreciated in Alan Cheek's "Washed Ashore."