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Mermaids, Yachts & Karma: Sea of Destiny Series

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In my second book of the “Sea of Destiny” series, Breeze sails across the Atlantic Ocean, to Spain finding herself in the midst of a seaport filled with punk rockers. Dressed in her sarong, she feels out of place, but running into an old friend from North Carolina makes her feel connected again. He takes her back to the yacht he’s working on and finds that it’s spitting distance from the one she delivered from the Caribbean. Having run into him after sailing 4,500 miles with 5 lunatics for weeks on end, was Karmic enough, but having this close-to-home experience lets her know she’s on the right path. She joins his crew and cruises through the Mediterranean, enjoying the cultures and food as she makes her way through yet another Trans-Atlantic. As the days and weeks go by she sees that nothing happens by chance. It’s all in divine order as she experiences her first motor yacht adventure on the high seas.