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Soap, Christmas Morning Cocoa

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Salem House Provisions, Christmas Morning Cocoa Soap

The Christmas Morning Cocoa Soap is handcrafted with a blend of avocado, castor, coconut, olive, palm, rice bran, tussah silk, vitamin E, micas for colorant, and eco glitter for decoration. I used two fragrances in this soap; the base is a warm mix of cinnamon, chipotle, cayenne, coffee beans, hot chocolate, nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla extract, and sugar. The other fragrance I used was a sweet mix of peppermint, vanilla, sugar, amber, and musk to smell like a sweet minty whipped cream. Christmas Morning Cocoa Soap reminds me of your favorite local peppermint mocha latte. This soap is designed to look like a warm mug of cocoa with chocolate syrup and whipped cream dripping down using a "drop swirl design," piped soap on top looks like whipped cream with peppermint-looking soap sprinkles and glitter on top. You will love using this bar, but don't blame us if you have a strong urge for a peppermint mocha!

Net Wt. 4 oz