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Stone Ground Style Yellow Grits

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Stone Ground Yellow Grits, 10oz Cloth Bag

A must-have pantry staple in all southern kitchens, nothing completes a southern breakfast like creamy, buttery and seasoned grits. An wholesome food, grits can be eaten for brunch, lunch and dinner. Grits are easy to prepare and so versatile to use in recipes - shrimp and grits, casseroles and even dessert pies! Properly prepared grits, cooked in a variety of liquids, including water, milk or broth, yield a thick, creamy, porridge-like consistency.
Naturally gluten free, Julia's Pantry Stone Ground Yellow Grits are ground between water powdered heavy stones at a nearby family grist mill that has been in operation for the last 166 years. Packaged in a retro-designed cloth “feed” sack, Julia's Pantry Grits make a unique and tasteful gift.