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Wasabi & Soy, Bertie County Peanuts

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Bertie County is home to fertile farming land, as well as miles and miles of beautiful waterways. So, while we spend a great deal of time farming and hunting, our most enjoyable past time is fishing. From a farm pond to the waters of the Roanoke, Chowan, and Cashie Rivers, our local farmer friends know their fish. And, they know how to cook them: baked, broiled, stewed, or fried. But, never, ever raw! As Papa Jack said many times, "Raw fish is bait". So, the raw fish known as sushi has never found much of a following here in Bertie County. Still, we're willing to try almost any food once. And, while the raw fish and sea weed found in sushi don't do much to excite our tastes, the various dipping sauces do. With that in mind we've spent the past year taste testing many of those sauces, and after a lot of recipe tweaking, we are pleased to announce our newest peanut flavor: Bertie County Wasabi and Soy Peanuts. These blister fried peanuts start with a Wasabi-generated "bang" that eases into an earthy soy flavor, and goodness, they are tasty. And, in our opinion, this Bertie County version of "sushi" is much better than the original!
OU Kosher Certified