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An Idlyl of Core Bank Station and Other Poems

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An Idyl of Core Bank Station and Other Poems by Robert Malcolm Morris
"Out of an author's assignment to share memories of growing up on a shore in full view of the Outer Banks of NC, with little Coast Guard Station three miles across the sound at all times, the mysterious appearance of the mailboat upsound each morning at roughly the same time, the excitement of approaching the Banks in summer and reaching the ocean, and also to share glad tidings from his present life and camellia garden on a high street in an old seaport town, looking seward to another Coast Guard Station across the water, with sometimes the hearing of a Chopin Prelude in which the rose that blooms will never fade or die - out of this abundance has come An Idyl of Core Bank Station & Other Poems, with prayer and protest besides, in which the author presents his case that there is a God in America who is accessible where you are, but not cheap."