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Historic Beaufort: A Unique Coastal Village Preserved

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Warshaw’s publication, HISTORIC BEAUFORT NORTH CAROLINA, A Unique Coastal Village Preserved  takes an authentic look at the history of Homes, Buildings, Sites and Families in Beaufort.

Mary Warshaw’s 2nd Beaufort book, this 200-page volume focuses on 285 historic homes built from the late 1770s to the early 1900s —all presented street-by-street, with images and histories of the families who called them home. Also included are historic sites and buildings.

Special pages present an overview of Beaufort’s history, as well as more research on the Coree Indians, Taylor’s Creek, Piver’s Island, Gallant’s Channel, the Rachel Carson Reserve, and the Beaufort’s bridges.

Before his death in November 2014, 94-year-old Francis Borden Mace wrote the special introduction—“Fond Memories of Life in Beaufort.” Mace also wrote a 2-page tribute to Georgia W. Neal, which includes five of her 1937 sketches of Beaufort homes.

Through her study of deeds, family records and other sources, Warshaw discovered more accurate dates for many of the historic homes, including when, and by whom, the Hammock House was built—a house long assumed to be the “White House” seen on early 18th century maps; four pages are dedicated to this important discovery.

“How exciting to have Mary unravel some of Beaufort’s most intriguing mysteries! This book will be of great interest to residents, descendants and visitors.”
—John Hagle, Beaufort Resident