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Framed, "Away Down East" by Alan Cheek

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"Away Down East", Near the Thoroughfare by Alan Cheek print #401 of / 1000 penciled signature and embossed signature. Certificate of Authenticity as well as Care of your Reproduction. 

"This particular days end near the Thoroughfare drawbridge was captivating as the sun lay low, its warm rays striking the white boats against a swarthy marsh. The amber light highlighted and colored the rather brownish grass, setting it "afire", while also sculpting the unique shapes of the boat builders art.  To me the graceful as well as utilitarian lines of the idle craft were fascinating, and being within the vast sanctuary of marsh gave me a sense of reverence and refuge. As I daydreamed to the swaying boats amid the reflective waters, and pondered the grassy horizon I blinked. A merganser flashed and cruised from behind the reeds. Twilight was approaching and an afterglow remained as I witnessed a day's light passing --"Away Down East.""