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Island Anchor Mini Soap

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Vintage soaps are triple-milled natural soap enriched with rich shea butter, creamy cocoa butter and virgin olive oil to create a luxurious deep cleaning lather. The bars are then paper-wrapped and banded by the grannies at the Historical Association’s Shaw House, who hand wrap every label depicting whimsical vintage images.
With a natural fresh scent and a trace of ground apricot to create a luxurious deep cleaning lather, this soap is appealing and preferred by both men and women
The soaps are made by one of the largest, most environmentally sensitive soap companies in the United States, the Greenwich Bay Trading Company. Some of their major clients include Burts Bees and Yves Saint Laurent.
The size of each bar of soap is 1.875" wide by 2.25" long by 1" thick and weighs approximately 3 oz.