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Seashells and Beachcombing for Kids

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Learn about beaches and coastal life with this children’s introduction to animals, plants, and seashells. Learn all about beaches and the plants and animals found there. East Coast expert Erika Zambello and West Coast naturalist Stephanie Panlasigui present a kids’ introduction to beach life. The children’s book, ideal for early and middle-grade readers, conveys fascinating information for beginners. Start by learning about beaches and their various habitats, as well as tips on beach safety, collecting etiquette, and Leave No Trace principles. That’s followed by an introduction to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and an identification guide to common and noteworthy types of shells, plants, and animals—including birds, dolphins, manatees, and more. Seashells & Beachcombing for Kids is rounded out by family-friendly beach activities and Citizen Science Projects.