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SG-Beyond the Crow's Nest-The Story of Menhaden Fishery of Carteret Co.

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The crow's nest on a menhaden vessel was a place of importance to locate schools of fish, especially before the use of airplanes. It was the highest spot where one or more of the vessel's officers could expand their range of vision searching for the days catch.

The menhaden industry had its start in this country in 1865 and moved forward to become an important contributor to the local economy, as well as its largest employer, for years, only to see it all come to an end with the closure of the last remaining factory in 2005. Its history is the story of numerous fish factories and fishing vessels, factory owners and workers, fish spotters, and boat captains and crew members.

Steve Goodwin writes, "It is my hope that Beyond the Crow's Nest expands the reader's knowledge and understanding of the local menhaden industry and the important role it played in the history of Carteret County, North Carolina."