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Beaufort: African-American History & Architecture

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Author: Peter Sandbeck and Mary Warshaw 

*About the Book* 

“As a long-time citizen of Beaufort and person of color, I took great joy and satisfaction in reading this delightful, highly factual but also moving description of people, events, accomplishments, and architecture of Beaufort’s African-American community over the centuries. Complete with the names and stories of individual citizens and historical photographs of actual structures, this book does not just tell what Beaufort African-American history was; it puts you there. It is a must-read.” - Sharon Harker, Mayor of Beaufort

“A source of impeccably researched facts and illustrations about a fascinating but heretofore missing chapter of North Carolina coastal history. The authors paint an impressively comprehensive panorama of the consequential contributions and traditions of Beaufort’s African-American community. This groundbreaking book adds immeasurably to our knowledge and vision of our past. An immensely enriching, rewarding, priceless piece of scholarship and one that will inform future generations for ages to come!” ―Kevin P. Duffus, historian and author of War Zone: World War II off the North Carolina Coast