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Beaufort: Treasury of Significant Town History

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From the author, Mary Warshaw:

This new volume is my way of preserving many years of dedicated research, in order to give the reader an authentic overview of Beaufort’s fascinating history. Along with significant events, residents, and documents, included in this volume are rare images, maps, articles, memories, letters, and excerpts from other historians—offering evidence and unique insight into Beaufort’s past.

Beaufort and coastal North Carolina have such a rich history, it shouldn’t be necessary to embellish the past with half-truths and unsubstantiated claims. Mary Warshaw’s research is conspicuously absent of such stories and doesn’t stray from that which is truthful and documented.

Additional materials gathered from many authoritative and first-hand reminiscences, give Warshaw’s work a truly authentic foundation from which a solid chronological narrative of the town emerges.

In particular, Warshaw covers the period of the War Between the States from three distinct perspectives, Union, Confederacy and African-American. Especially nice are the profuse inclusion of early photographs, providing a visual retrospective around the turn of the 20th century.