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Blue Heaven CD-Jim Wann & Friends

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Blue Heaven CD-Jim Wann & Friends.
"Blue Heaven" as you may know, is a nickname for Chapel Hill and UNC, where many of us on this record first began to enjoy each other's music and form bands, including the Southern States Fidelity Choir, Red Clay Ramblers, Arrogance, and more.

Our paths have crossed often over 40 years since the Cat's Cradle first featured us as neophyte artists on our way to becoming professional musicians, writers, and producers. 1974's Diamond Studs: The Life of Jesse James, A Saloon Musican, flowed from the Cradle scene as naturally as water flows from the Old Well, and then it flowed to New York where "musician's theatre" was born off-Broadway and became a creative style revisited by us friends in various combinations, in many original works for concert and theatre right up to the present.