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Blueberry Cobbler Mix

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Julia's Pantry Southern Blueberry Cobbler Mix, 9oz Cloth Bag. Add fruit and milk. Nothing beats the blues like a blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream! Simple and Easy Blueberry Cobbler, ready in 30 minutes. Use canned blueberry pie filling, fresh or frozen blueberries and milk. The cooked cobbler will yield approximately 9 servings... don't forget the vanilla ice cream! You'll find your thrill with our Blueberry Cobbler Mix. Developed from a family recipe, Julia's Pantry carefully selects quality ingredients, including real butter and sweet cream buttermilk, and contains no preservatives. Enjoying a warm bowl of homemade fruit cobbler, served piping hot and oozing with fruity deliciousness, and topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream is a year-round customer favorite dessert. With a one-year shelf life and 6 delicious fruit flavors, keep a few on hand for a quick dessert for drop in guests, family gatherings and potluck meals.
• Made in United States • Contains: Milk and Wheat