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Color with the Crabby Lady and Friends

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Color with the Crabby Lady and Friends
A young fan sent me a letter that began, "If you will make a book with no words in it, I will pay you for it." I knew immediately that he was asking for a coloring book.
But to ask an author for "a book with no words" is a contradiction. I love words. I love to make them flow and to bounce them off each other.
James Melvin, my illustrator, often tells me that Suzanne Tate's Nature Series is my ministry. My words do convey both information as well as messages that teach friendship, respect, self-esteem, and responsibility.
Teachers, parents, grandparents, and children, I urge you to enjoy discussing these little lessons of life. I hope your talks lead to many positive changes in your lives.
Suzanne Tate