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Diamond City Homecoming DVD: Coming Home to a Place We've Never Lived.....

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Diamond City Homecoming Documentary DVD
In 2014 descendants, their friends and family, and others who had only heard of Diamond City, gathered to celebrate the history of those Shackleford Banks villages known collectively as Diamond City. The two-day homecoming included a trip to the last remaining cemetery on Shackleford Banks, a reunion at the Core Sound Museum and storytelling from locals around the Cape Lookout lighthouse. This DVD records the celebration from Shackleford to Harkers Island to Cape Lookout.
In 2019 the same friends and families will gather again to rekindle their connection to this sacred land and to the people who share a kinship to this place. The enclosed booklet retells the history of the Great Storm of 1899 and how now, 120 years later, the story continues.