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Dingbatter Chronicle by Chris Hunter

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Dingbatter Chronicle by Chris Hunter

What if Anne Frank's focus had been to be facetious and witty? She could be, you know.  She considered it her dominant side, but not her best side.  She wrote, "Oh, I can be an amusing down for an afternoon, but after that, everyone's had enough of me to last a month." Now consider - this is  beginning to sound like the musings for a comedy skit - that she's lived to a really, really ripe old age and has learned to spread out her humor.  What would be her diary entries have been like during the early years of the Covid-19 Pandemic?

She'd have to mention the pandemic some, but not dwell on it.  Then gradually as matters stabilized there might be occasional allusions in each entry.  And finally, as the dust starts to settle, there would be entries totally devoid of any thought of the strife all around.  Just lighthearted works of humor.

That's what is chronicle is, only written by me.  An in case you're wondering, I don't think I have a better side, just this one that is blithe and slightly fey.  It is what it is.