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Fifteen Hurricanes That Changed the Carolinas

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This informative and engaging book tells the true stories of the hurricanes that had the greatest impact on North Carolina and South Carolina, from the eighteenth century to the present day. Hurricane historian Jay Barnes offers an illuminating and compelling account of the Carolinas’ most recent storm disasters, Matthew and Florence, as well as thirteen other memorable hurricanes in the Tar Heel and Palmetto States, including Hazel, Hugo, Fran, and Floyd. In Barnes’s hands, the examination of these powerful tropical cyclones leads to a broader view of the history of the Carolinas, revealing not only their terrifying and deadly consequences but also the perseverance of the region's people in the face of such extraordinary disasters.


In recounting the rich hurricane history of the Carolinas, from the mountains to the coast, Barnes urges readers to consider the storms to come and profiles how a warming planet and rising seas will affect future Carolina hurricanes.