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Images of America, Fort Macon by Paul R. Branch

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"Silently standing guard on the eastern point of Bogue Banks overlooking the entrance to Beaufort Harbor, Fort Macon is the centerpiece of one of the most visited North Carolina State Parks. Since Fort Macon State Park was established in 1924, it has been a familiar destination for millions of visitors to the “Crystal Coast” of Carteret County, North Carolina. The old historic fort itself, standing today in venerable repose, harkens back to another time in our country's history, however. At different times throughout its long, storied past, the fort has served as a US Army garrison post, a stronghold occupied for defense in three different wars, the scene of a desperate battle, a prison, and finally the second oldest state park in North Carolina. Fort Macon showcases this unique coastal fortification through historic images, highlighting not only its military past, but its role as a popular tourism destination through the years."