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Just Yesterday In North Carolina, by Bruce Roberts

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Prize-winning photographer Bruce Roberts has assembled a treasure trove of photos and stories that epitomize North Carolina from the 1950s to 1980. Catch a glimpse of simple farmers and farmhouses, lighthouses, Civil Rights demonstrations, kids in orphanages, country doctors, tranquil nature scenes, and the everyday people of North Carolina's past. This collection of stunning color and black-and-white photos will make you long for a simpler time when old men played checkers on the sidewalk, farmers walked the streets of downtown in their overalls, and old general stores sold everything from penny candy to charcoal grills. It covers a time when North Carolina was still planting tobacco, plowing and harvesting with mules, but also a time of great change for the cities of Charlotte and Raleigh. Photographer Bruce Roberts caught the old ways and the upheaval of these years on film.