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SH "Stingray Collection" Fused Glass and Copper

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Stingray Collection, fused glass and copper by Stan Harmon from Morehead City, NC. 

The artist hand makes his own glass by first creating a flat sheet with a base color and placing crushed up pieces of colored glass on top.  Once these are fused together, Stan places the sheet onto a custom-made metal form and slowly melts the glass sheet into the form to create the Stingray Shape.  The tails and hangers are hand forged from copper and coated with a protected layer that keeps the copper from changing color.

SIZES (Glass Body Only) -
Large 27" W X 23" L
Medium 23" W X 20" L
Small 19" W X 17" L
Extra Small 16" W X 14" L
Petite 13" W X 11" L