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"The Hearts of Children" by Barbara Humphreys

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"The Hearts of Children" by Barbara Dawn Guthrie Humphreys
At the turn of the century 20th century, cumulative weather patterns required the inhabitants of Shackleford Banks, off the coast of NC, to leave their homes. Some of these pioneers of the Outer Banks dismantled their humble homes and floated them on skiffs to the pristine shores of Bogue Sound in Morehead City. They named their new community "Promise Land". The author is second generation removed from her ancestral home, Diamond City, on the Outer Banks of NC.

In The Hearts of the Children, Barbara writes about the mothers of the Promise Land in the 1950s. Weaving throughout the book are stories of faith and courage. The reader will laugh to learn how their collective humor served as a catalyst in helping them cope with daily challenges. You will admire and find inspiration from the stories of service and compassion these stalwart women left, leaving a legacy of strength and courage for generations.

We are reminded that our ancestors are not just names on a family tree, rather they depict real women facing real issues. This enjoyable book will allow the reader to conclude that our ancestors are never truly "gone", but remain forever in our hearts.