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The Oyster Companion

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Rich in history and lore, The Oyster Companion weaves together anecdotes from the author's experience as a restaurateur and competitive shucker with practical information on everything from opening oysters with finesse to ordering hard-to-get bivalves online. Fully illustrated with gorgeous color photography, the book includes:

History of oysters in civilization
Detailed breakdown of the differences among 50 oyster varieties found worldwide
Lifecycle, anatomy, ecological footprint, health benefits, and how feeding habits and locations affect taste (the "merroir")
Tips for growing oysters
Growers and exporters of the world's best oysters
The best oyster bars from North America and Europe
How to sample oysters and a tasting wheel to pair oysters with the proper drink
Throwing an oyster-themed dinner party
Tips on sourcing the freshest and best-tasting oysters in the world
Shucker Paddy's Oyster Opening 101: Tips on shucking and presenting
Expert's guide to some of the best knives and shuckers in the world and their techniques.