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Working The Water by Jay Fleming

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Jay Fleming’s first book, Working the Water, is a visual narrative of the Chesapeake Bay’s iconic seafood industry. Fleming’s photographs fully immerse the reader into the industry by telling the story of the people, processes and products involved. The pages of the book are filled with more than 300 photographs of seasoned watermen, scenic seascapes, weathered workboats, the bay’s bounty and narrative that describes the photographs.

Equal parts informative and aesthetically pleasing, Working the Water appeals to the seafood consumer, the history buff, outdoors enthusiast , photography fan, and Chesapeake Bay lover alike. The book is currently in its third printing.

Publisher - Jay Fleming Photography LLC
Release Date - October 2016 (currently in fourth printing)
Size - 10”x12”, 10”x24” when opened
Page Count - 280 Pages